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The big question: How do we solve climate change?


Switching to renewables and planting trees is not enough.

We must suck billons of tonnes of CO2 out of the sky by 2025.

No one is paying attention to Carbon Removal technologies. Until now.

We have put so much CO₂ into the atmosphere that it does not matter how many trees we plant, how much our world undertakes decarbonization or how much we transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.  This excess CO₂, unless removed, will remain in our atmosphere doing damage to our planet for thousands of years. 

 We must therefore SUCK out all this CO₂ through carbon removal technology.  


Carbon removal is the process of removing CO₂ from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, centuries, or millennia. This cutting edge technology could slow, limit, or even reverse climate change.

Our goal is to elevate new technologies that will minimize the damage of climate change already inflicted on our planet. We have decided to create a documentary that will educate people about carbon removal technology.